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Taking a break...

>> Mar 17, 2010

So sorry for the MIA (missing in action) again!

My sincere apologies, please bear with me while I revamp the blog. Been meaning to do this during the CNY break, but I was so busy 'eating' and catching up with my old friends. I'm making some changes to the outlook and layout which I hope is better.

Thanks for visiting and I hope to get things done very soon.

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Prosperity & Luck knocking on my door?

>> Mar 4, 2010

Is “prosperity & luck” knocking on my door?

I found this beautiful ‘pineapple flower’ or ‘pineapple crown’ in an attractive shade of red amidst thick, long, hard and thorny leaves in my garden on the 1st day of Chinese New Year. Hehehe! … I think it’s good omen!

I planted this in my garden over a year ago from the leftover crown after my hubby devoured the yellow juicy flesh of this tropical fruit. And, I watered the ‘touchy’ plant (you can’t get too close! ) faithfully for 398 times, (no, actually I didn’t keep count but 398 seems a very auspicious number and it’s more than 365 days a year, lol!)… and treated it some hi-grade organic fertilizer.

Pineapple in Cantonese means “welcoming good luck or glory is coming” and Chinese likes stuff which symbolizes and carries good meaning. Thus, a ‘must-have’ for many Chinese homes here, it’s normally placed on the altar as one of the offerings to their ancestors especially during Chinese New Year. But I don’t have one at home. L

Nevertheless, I hope it’s a sign of forth-coming good luck and prosperity in the year of Tiger …hehehe!

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Going down memory lane...

>> Mar 3, 2010

Hello again! I know I’ve been missing for a while…
(Source : http://www.greetings.ca)

I’ve been busy lazying lol! J, feasting and catching up with friends/relatives, giving out ang-pows and visiting during the 15 days of CNY celebration over here. I always look forward to CNY as it’s a time to catch up with them at least once a year especially if they have moved overseas for work or migrated and only get to come home once a year or every few years.

I’m so happy I got to meet some of my kindergarten, primary, secondary school class-mates and some college-mates as well recently. It’s unbelievable and I can’t imagine meeting them again after all these years.

Most of us haven’t changed much, just a couple of lines more (alright, we’ll call it wrinkles, I’m sure we’re mature enough to accept the term! Lol!), a couple of kilos more (that’s called ‘prosperity’ in Cantonese), if we hold our breath, I’ll bet the spare-tyres would vanish too, but we’ll attribute them to the eating sprees this festive seasons and some even sporting a few silver strands which could be the reflection of lights and some with a dust of white hair which we termed as ‘experience’! Lol!

It’s great fun remembering the time we had in school, our teachers who must be in their 60s or 70s now, the pranks we pulled in school, our mischievous deeds … we’re quite convinced we didn’t study much back then! It’s amazing how we got to where we are now… hahaha! J

Most of us are parents now except for a few who are convinced marriage is not for them… mmm, now I know why their neat jet-black hair has not lost its natural colours. Lol!

For my friends who celebrated CNY, I hope you have had a wonderful time too, just like me. :-)

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