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About me

Hi! Thank you for visiting Rita's Basket. 

I love to bake and cook but I'm not an expert. I did not pay any attention when my Mom was cooking when I was younger (Please don't tell her that!). I have not attended any formal training or lesson/class on baking/cooking. But, as we began building our own home, I do yearn for home-cook food and I tried to whip up (am still trying) something edible from my functional kitchen and sometimes I'll try to re-make a dish that I've tasted or seen with the closest taste that I can remember.

I like pottering around in my little green patch that I call my garden, indulge in the creative side of me if I have time and ... dream a little, if I have more time...

Two most important men in my life, my hubby and my little guy who give me so much joy, love and laughters. My two greatest supporters for my kitchen creations and experiments, their invaluable comments and errr... my guinea pigs, most of the time, faithfully finishing off whatever is laid on the dining table and coffee table. :-D

What more do I need?... my friends... for their support and friendship always.

All the recipes contained in Rita's Basket have been tried and tested, some are family classic recipes, some quick-fix meals, some are cook-what-is-in-the fridge and some to tempt little fussy eaters. My recipes are pretty simple and most ingredients are readily available in my fridge, pantry or the local grocery shops.

Thank you for visiting and thank you if you have dropped a line or two, your comments and encouragement are very much appreciated.

My contact email address : ritajane.lee@gmail.com and ritajanelee@ymail.com

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A place to share my thots, my experiences, my dreams, my musings, my tips...
Friends and mother are welcome to drop a line or two, don't forget to include your email or contacts, thanks.



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