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No-bake Cheesecake with strawberry sauce

>> Jun 27, 2011

I’ve been staying off cheesecakes, red meat, fast food, fried stuff, nuts/seeds for 2 months, actually it’s 9 weeks! I’ve been counting ‘cos I’ve been craving cheesecakes! :-D

You see my annual blood test was due. It may sounds like cheating…? ‘Starving’ myself silly from high-fatty food, junk food, permitting myself mostly veggies for lunch :-D

My report shows liver and kidney functions fine, cholesterol level still good, uric acid level within permissible level. Yay! I have some allowance to clog my arteries :-D and so I went for one of these yummilicious sandwiches – Steak Sandwich!

As I was saying about craving for cheesecake, I made this...

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Beef Pepper Rice @ Pepper Lunch

>> Jun 24, 2011

We tried something new last weekend on a trip to Sunway Pyramid instead of our regular haunts. Pepper Lunch - an individual CIY (cook-it-yourself) teppanyaki meal.

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Summer’s best... simple pleasure

>> Jun 20, 2011

Pan-scorched Corn Cob

You can enjoy an indoor grilled corn cob without an outdoor BBQ any time. Here’s what I did.

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Pig Kidney Soup

>> Jun 16, 2011

This is an old family recipe, made by my Mom when I was young. I remember having this hot and gingery soup.

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Sweet Sour Prawns

>> Jun 12, 2011

For many, prawns are their favourite but not my young guy. I’m trying to cook prawns once a week, trying different style…sigh!...yes, to get the little one interested in them. He always pick them up and remove them! L

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Hawkers-style Noodles in Creamy Egg Gravy

>> Jun 10, 2011

Dinner in 30-minutes.

My Hubby and son are great fans of noodles. Here’s one simple Hawkers-style dinner that is more a convenience than one that requires skills and can be ready in 30 minutes. And, I can pack the little one off for his music class on time. Some hawkers serve this in small woks and call them Little Wok Noodles.

Noodles in Creamy Egg Gravy
(Servings : 2)

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Nyonya Rice Dumpling

>> Jun 6, 2011

The Dragon boat Festival is here again and this time it falls on 6th June (Monday), today, which is the 5th day of the 5th month in the lunar Chinese calendar.

Traditionally Chinese families will celebrate this festival with Bamboo leaves wrapped Glutinous Rice Dumplings. However, these tetrahedron treats are now available whole year round as hawkers delicacies or even dim-sum in some places.

Read more about Dumplings, Dragon-boat Festival, history and this savoury treats here:

The making of rice dumpling is not as daunting as it sounds...

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