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Beef Pepper Rice @ Pepper Lunch

>> Jun 24, 2011

We tried something new last weekend on a trip to Sunway Pyramid instead of our regular haunts. Pepper Lunch - an individual CIY (cook-it-yourself) teppanyaki meal.

Our order of Curry Beef Pepper Rice comes with a hot iron plate with rice, slices of raw beef, topped with corn kernels, chopped spring onions and shredded cheese... and we requested for an added egg. CIY fascinated my son and happily he added a little garlic soy sauce and gave it a good stir to mix well . He liked it very much, though the rice is pretty hot, and some rice turns slight crusty. "It's so fun!"

When the iron plate arrive, you will need to mix them up pretty fast. The thin slices of beef is lightly seared on the hot plate and is flavourful and tasty.

The Curry Beef Pepper Rice is not spicy hot as Japanese curry is used and, the Beef Pepper Rice topped with extra cheese is yummy!

The service is quite fast and efficient here.

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