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Appliance Review - Elba Electric Food Steamer

>> Jul 28, 2011

I share sentiments with most Kitchen Bosses (~_^), all gadgets and appliances make kitchen management so much easier and faster :-). 

Here’s something that I took for granted till somebody mentioned how useful the electrical food steamer is.

The Elba food steamer model EFS-6882 is a 2-tier model with a 60-minutes maximum timer bell signal. I truly found the timer terribly helpful.  I can go about my chores or other food preparation while the fish or egg custard is steaming.  If you are forgetful, the bell signal goes off to warn you it’s ready – with auto power cut-off.  When I return from collecting Max from his classes, the fish and rice is ready for serving and still warm…

I can steam 2 dishes or warm them up on different tiers.  I have steamed chinese bun (Tau-Sar buns / Steamed Red-bean Buns, Char-siu buns, white rice, oil-less veggies, corn cob and steamed chicken)

When steaming chinese buns, I found that I have to be very careful when removing the lid so as to minimise the water vapour dripping onto the buns, which may sometimes make them soggy.

There are some with 3-tiers which I did not take as some sales representatives do not recommend as steaming may not be too effective for the upper tier. If you are intending to get a food steamer you may want to clarify this with the sales person before getting it. 

Being one tier atop another and having same hot steam circulating within, there may be issues of aroma of 1 dish mingling with the other… it's fine with us with steamed fish and steamed rice together. There's also a water level indicator to ensure it doesn't dry up, and a water inlet if you need to add more water.

The shape of steamer is oval at 26cm x 20cm. I can't steam chinese cake (kueh) in 20cm pans (with rim 21cm)... so, you may want to consider a round one instead.

I exchanged credit card points accumulated for this appliance a few years ago though it’s retailing at RM99.00 now.  There are a number of other brands in the market that you can check out... or you can check out at Amazon.

Benefits of steaming your food,
Steaming your vegetable, meat, fish, and fruit you will retains the natural vitamins, colors, textures and flavors in food.

Here's some reading on steaming food,

Some of the recipes using steaming you may like:

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Anonymous,  Aug 10, 2011, 11:36:00 AM  

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nicina Apr 10, 2012, 1:47:00 PM  

hey thanx... i'm thinking of redeem this item too, n i think u've made me stop of thinking twice.. hehehe... will go n get it
thnx dowh

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