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Snow Fungus Tong-sui

>> Mar 31, 2012

Chinese, especially Cantonese love sweet soup or tong-sui.

This is a simple recipe with lots of nutritional benefits. It only needs 5 ingredients, nothing too complicated.

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Pork Ribs Curry with Kaffir Lime Leaves

>> Mar 25, 2012

Spicy and tender pork ribs in fragrant kaffir lime leaves curry gravy…appetizing!

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Drunken Prawns

>> Mar 24, 2012

Drunken prawn soup, gingery, laced with brandy with a hint of fragrant angelica root (dang-gui)

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School Term-Break

>> Mar 23, 2012

I’ve neglected my blogs and I am now trying to ease back in slowly and gathering some long-lost momentum!

Too much has happened and I thank my family and friends for their prayers, support and help.

Christmas 2011 has been spent in the hospital with the little guy hospitalised a few days during the Christmas holidays for a very nasty bug. He had very high fever, averaging 39.5 - 40°C, vomiting and severe headache with initial diagnosis of suspected meningitis or dengue fever. There’re IV drip, a tube into his thin wrist, suppositories, needles…and talk of possibility of CT Scan or MRI.

Thank God, after some blood tests, meningitis and dengue were ruled out and doctors could only say it was very nasty viral infection. Anyway, we are glad it’s over, a fortnight of worries and sleepless nights could be put aside.

when Max was much better and could sit up, he immediately asked for his Lego blocks

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