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I have started Rita’s Basket to share my recipes, my thots, my hobbies, my experiments and my experiences. I don’t claim to be an expert in the area of cooking and baking and neither, am I a professor in the field of parenting. These are solely my opinion.

People may have varying tastebuds, if necessary, please adjust the taste eg: sweetness, saltiness to your liking. Some of the recipes are my own creations and where I have made references, due credit is also given to the rightful source, at the best of my knowledge.

In some recipes, the ingredients may be approximate, my sincerest apologies as I have adjusted as I progress with the cooking or baking with a pinch, or additional pinch or a dash or a splash to taste. Sometimes I don't measure to the exact!

I have presented my opinions and reviews on some books and appliances of which I have not received any financial or non-financial rewards for these. In the event I do, I’ll put up a note and it'll not be biased.

I have spent some considerable time in my blog, Rita’s Basket, in the write-up postings, photograph-taking and the contents in Rita’s Basket. Rita’s Basket belongs to me, Rita-Jane Lee. If you are interested in using any photographs or contents, either full or partial, or intended for a repost, please request prior permission. If request is approved and granted, please give full credit and post a link direct to this site Rita's Basket (http://ritasbasket.blogspot.com/)Unauthorized use of content or photos is theft and an infringement of my copyright. Please do not change, alter or amend, transform or build upon any aspect of the contents without prior consent. All my photos are watermarked and I respectfully request that you do not remove them.

Lastly, thank you very much for stopping by and sharing your comments. They are very much appreciated.

If you need to contact me, kindly send me an email at ritajane.lee@gmail.com

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A place to share my thots, my experiences, my dreams, my musings, my tips...
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