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Simple sponge cake

>> Jun 13, 2012

Light, soft and fine texture, that’s what I like about Sponge cake. It’s the very first cake I tried baking when I got my oven.

Looking back…it’s not an easy cake to begin the journey into the world baking as compared to the traditional butter cake. Strangely enough, I was not deterred by the difficulty. I kept trying to improve and kept reading up on the tips.

And, so… my lovely supportive family had to endure the 3 sponge-cake-sessions a week! Feeling guilty, I added different flavours to create varieties!

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Quick Tiramisu

>> May 15, 2012

You would have read and probably tried many versions of Tiramisu, the Italian dessert...the Classic, the Traditional, the Authentic...if you like coffee, chilled creamy dessert with a hint liquer...you'll like Tiramisu. 

(For those who may know about Tiramisu, you can check it out in the Wikipedia about its origin, history and the actual preparation).

I actually hesitated posting Tiramisu (not another one!), though I've made it a number of times over the years. This is my easy and quick version, without raw-eggs and can be prepared ahead and kept chilled in the fridge, till ready to serve.

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Claypot Bak-ku-teh (BKT)

>> Apr 7, 2012

I made this some time back and got the thumbs up from the little one. I think it is very nice, not too over-powering with herbs and just the right flavour with pork ribs.

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Snow Fungus Tong-sui

>> Mar 31, 2012

Chinese, especially Cantonese love sweet soup or tong-sui.

This is a simple recipe with lots of nutritional benefits. It only needs 5 ingredients, nothing too complicated.

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