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Appliance Review - Kenwood Mixer MX270

>> Jul 3, 2011

This is an independent product review and I am not paid for this review. This is solely my opinion from using this for some time.

I bought the MX270 a year ago after having ‘broken’ 2 units earlier.

One of the unit’s bearings dropped out into the batter while I was mixing… eeeuuuww… I had an argument with the company representative who made unfair accusations at me when I sent it in for repair. Anyway to cut a long story short, I almost lodged a complaint with the consumer tribunal courts for compromising consumer safety.

On hindsight , I should have done so… it would wake the company up. There are many stories told now of cost-cutting measures in products resulting in mediocre quality products. Product safety has fallen a few rungs down the priority ladder when it comes to product design, and merely met very minimum safety standards. But, obviously none in this case.

What really irked me were his final words of defence, “This model is cheap, only RM150…what do you expect? The larger and more expensive model would be durable and does not have any such problems!” Would this be acceptable to you? I was tempted to report him.

The unit broke again…became noisy and shuddered quite badly, so I threw it away. I used it for only 18months. Then I bought another hand-mixer of different brand, much cheaper and it lasted 2 years. One of the twin beater wire came off and interfered with the other, then I discarded his too.

It’s the reason Hubby decided to get me a durable and proper unit. Kenwood KMix looks good, solidly built but being an amateur cook-baker, I happily settled for a basic function and sturdy-looking unit, the Kenwood Patissier MX270 :-)

It’s been slightly more than a year now, seems to be performing fine.

I’ve done sponge cake mix (4-eggs), butter cake, whipping fresh cream, whipping cream and small bread dough (300g flour). It’s pretty heavy at close to 8kg in weight. This is due to its metal housing body and stainless steel 4L bowl. For its heavy body, you won’t see it “walking” on your kitchen counter as it began to mix as some people have encountered with lighter and smaller units.

It has 12-speed slide control, slightly noisy…there’s no silencer :-) but it’s fine. I won’t wake the neighbourhood baking in the early hours of the morning :-) - haven’t tried that actually!

Stainless steel bowl, made in China, well, aren’t most things these days? :-) Surprisingly not heavy, it’s easy to lift and pour with one hand, scrape with the other hand. It's also much easier to wash than plastic bowls.

As this unit is not hand-held, you’ll need to clear the bowl and clean the beater before re-using for another ingredient. That’s the advantage of hand-held mixer, you can have several mixing bowls with different ingredients and just clean the beater, that’s all, as I used to do.

This unit is not suitable for small volume as the beater wire does not reach the sides and the bottom close enough. I do not see this as a problem as I normally stopped a couple of times half-way through mixing to scrape the sides to ensure well-mixed.  A plastic spatula is also provided for scraping.

The MX270 comes in 2 colours i.e. red and white as I’ve seen in the local showrooms at Harvey Norman.  Would have loved to own the red but it was out of stock, or the black! Surely would look good on my kitchen counter :-)

I bought the unit for RM1200 and the normal price is about RM1259 – 1350.

I hope this unit will be as durable as my Mom’s Kenwood mixer is over 40 years old, gifted to her by her mentor Aunt. The very same unit is still serving her as she happily made cakes and cookies during Chinese New Year. 

Aside from the above, I’m pretty satisfied with the unit, doing what I need it to get done.  Just that the speed control numeral print came off.  They gotta do something about that!

Here's a link if you want to know more about Kenwood Patissier MX270 (Malaysia site).

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ann low Jul 3, 2011, 11:45:00 PM  

I've been using my Kenwood Chef for more than 10 years and it is still in very good condition except it is quite noisy compare to the Kitchen Aid. I don't think I seen this model in SG, the mixer looks pretty and I like color.

kitchen flavours Jul 4, 2011, 11:03:00 AM  

Hi Rita, interesting review. I bought my Kenwood Chef Mixer more than 3 years ago, and it cost me about RM1,988, which is fully stainless steel. So far it is OK, and I've thought of getting another bowl for this, this bowl alone cost at least RM200+. Right now, I've to wash the bowl if the recipe calls for the separation of the eggs! So leceh-lah! This bowl has been on my list for ages! I have a Kenwood hand-held mixer too, which is more 20 years old! A gift from my sister, I still use it sometimes for small amounts of batter. What would we do without the mixer! I used to beat by hand when I was young when we do not have any mixer! Phew! It is hard work! :)

Rita Jul 4, 2011, 9:53:00 PM  

Anncoo - Kenwood Chef is a very good model. Yes, I heard the KA is much quieter though. MX270 is quite a basic model, with a more durable body...suitable for amateur baker like me :-)

Kitchen flavours - that's a good price and good choice! Wow, the bowl is so expensive - yeah, metal prices has gone up! You are right there, very troublesome so I have a choice of getting another bowl @RM200+ or another handheld mixer @RM120+. Kenwood products are indeed quite durable. Thank God for innovations :-D

wendee Jun 1, 2014, 4:34:00 PM  

Hi Rita,
I just recently bought the Kenwood Patissier too. I was wondering whether you have had any issues with making bread dough? I've tried with 250g flour and find that the mixer head wobbles quite a bit under speed 2 and 4... wondering if this is normal.


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