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Quick Tiramisu

>> May 15, 2012

You would have read and probably tried many versions of Tiramisu, the Italian dessert...the Classic, the Traditional, the Authentic...if you like coffee, chilled creamy dessert with a hint liquer...you'll like Tiramisu. 

(For those who may know about Tiramisu, you can check it out in the Wikipedia about its origin, history and the actual preparation).

I actually hesitated posting Tiramisu (not another one!), though I've made it a number of times over the years. This is my easy and quick version, without raw-eggs and can be prepared ahead and kept chilled in the fridge, till ready to serve.

I made this quick dessert a few times for hubby's birthday, Christmas and Chinese New Year and of course, the mascarpone has to be sold out in the local stores here during these peak seasons! A Galbani's mascarpone cheese selling for RM19-22, so expensive yet sold out! Since it was sold out and I have cream cheese welcoming me with open arms in the fridge, I used that anyway. 

A good substitute for mascarpone is cream cheese but the taste is still like … a kilometre away!!! Perhaps I should have driven the 17.5km distance to get it...

I increased the whipped cream but that's the closest I can get. So, here’s the recipe for the Quick Tiramisu...I mean, it's is still the quicker than the traditional method.

Vanilla sponge cake (8" square)...I'll post a recipe on this later
250gm cream cheese
300gm double cream, whipped
1½ tsp Vanilla extract
85gm caster sugar

2 tsp espresso granules
5 tsp caster sugar
170gm boiling water
4 tbsp Kahlua or 1 tbsp Brandy (Optional, I opt out for kids)

Lady's fingers (13-16pcs)
Shaved dark chocolate or chocolate curls
Cocoa powder
Fresh strawberries

1.   Beat cream cheese and sugar till very smooth
2.   Add in vanilla and mix well
3.   Fold in whipped cream
4.   Prepare coffee syrup : Dissolve espresso granules in very hot water with sugar. Set aside and let it cool, add in Kahlua and/or brandy

5.   Assembling : Slice the cooled sponge cake to make the base, about 1.2cm in height from the bottom. Set aside

(soft, fine, springy Vanilla Sponge Cake)

6.   Line the base of an 8” square loose-bottom pan and lightly grease the sides. Place the bottom slice of sponge cake onto the bottom of the pan

7.   Sprinkle with half of the coffee syrup, and then sprinkle with shaved chocolate or chocolate curls (use a vegetable peeler or grater)
8.   Spoon cream cheese mixture over them, level
9.   Arrange sponge fingers neatly in a layer

10. Sprinkle generously with coffee syrup, let the sponge fingers soak up the coffee liquer mixture and then again sprinkle with shaved chocolate or chocolate curls
11. Spoon cream cheese mixture over them and level
12. Chill in the fridge, preferably overnight
13. Served with a light dusting of cocoa powder (I prefer light dusting, * I almost gagged once 'cos the cocoa was too thick when I had tiramisu in some CafĂ©-I-can’t-remember-the-name). Serve with some fresh tart strawberries

This is an easy dessert to assemble, looks good and taste good too!

Chilled dessert is perfect for BBQ parties and summer entertaining. Enjoy!


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kitchen flavours May 17, 2012, 7:27:00 PM  

Your cake looks wonderful! I have not tried making Tiramisu Cake before, even though it has been on my to do list for ages! Yes, definitely a light dusting of the cocoa powder, I do not like it thick and too powdery too! Have a lovely day!

Delectably Green May 18, 2012, 1:37:00 AM  

Oh my that looks delectable! so great to have a quick and luscious dessert recipe like this!
Mary x

Avika J Chawla May 28, 2012, 1:27:00 AM  

U have a lovely blog and this tiramisu looks awsum..glad to find u and m ur new follower now..


Rita Jun 13, 2012, 10:16:00 AM  

@kitchen flavours, Joyce, Haha...I'll bet u hv a very long list too :-)...I've bookmarked a number of your recipes and it's getting terribly loooooonnnnnng! :-)

@Inside a British Mum's kitchen, Hi Mary, thank u so much :-) ...this would be perfect for the coming summer! :-)

Avika J Chawla...thank u so much! :-)

Have a lovely Wednesday!!!

Unknown Aug 24, 2012, 12:53:00 AM  

I seriously want to dig into this right now! It looks delightful. I'm craving for some tiramisu. I've got to try this tomorrow.
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