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Hello December 2011

>> Dec 17, 2011

Should be "Hello Christmas"… which is more like it! 

I’ve just got back my laptop after having it being classified “Requires Hospitalisation” for some major repairs. I wish I'm smarter then all I needed to do would be to hook it to a life-support machine, cut it open, change some organs, prescribed some antidote...run some tests and voila! 2 follow-up checks and everything will be fine...no more amnesia!

I guess I’m kinda late for some updates :-(

Time flies…! The jolly month is here. The month everyone is looking forward to. We spent some time at some shopping malls soaking in the festive moods. It's wonderful!

(Taken in Berjaya Times Square)

There's not much decorations there but then perhaps it was only end-November.

(Taken in 1-Utama, Petaling Jaya)

I've always found these blooms appealing, such vibrant velvety red...so Christmassy! :-)

(Taken in 1-Utama)

Wow...featuring undersea fantasy world, the shells are covered with soft plush fabric and decorated with coloured pearl beads generously...it's just awesome!

Isn't the little fella cute and adorable...I'll surely take him home too, would bring smiles to kids!

(Taken at Mid-Valley, Kuala Lumpur)

a real-life model

I’m looking forward very much to the Christmas and New Year break…you know…forget about work, forget about housework…just eat, relax and enjoy the festive spirit!

…give a lot of presents and doesn't matter that shyly collect 1 or 2 but rewarded with huge heart-warming smiles, lots of hugs and some chocolate-smeared kisses!

…spend 5 days shopping for suitable gifts, baking and 2 days decorating the house with festive colours  of red-green and wrapping gifts and spend 1 day clearing up! …and getting ready for Chinese New Year on Jan 23rd & 24th!

Yippee…the next festive break!!!

Hey, but …it’s only once a year. I just love the smiles…everybody is just so excited when opening their presents…it brings out the kid in them.

Let's get ready for Christmas…

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kitchen flavours Dec 22, 2011, 5:11:00 PM  

Hi Rita,
December has been a busy month indeed!
Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday! Have fun and enjoy!

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