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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

>> Sep 13, 2011

Sori, this posting is a little late... :-(

Wishing all a very 

Happy Mid-Autumn and Lantern Festival.

I’ll bet most of you had a wonderful family-friends reunion with lots of good food with mooncakes, water caltrops, baby yams to the accompaniments of softly-lit Chinese lanterns and children chatter-laughters as I did at my Mom’s place.

(Max with homemade Lantern, a car made by Daddy)

I didn’t get any mooncake for ourselves, just bought some mixed fruits-n-nuts for my in-laws and my Mom.

I’m sorry I’ve not updated my blogs these few weeks. We had some workmen over to fix our roof and did some repainting works on the exterior of the house.

We painted the living room ourselves…going eco-green :-D 
We chose Jotun’s Milk Frost which turned up a soft slight muted  shade of earthy green with Pure Barley off-white on one wall. 

painted ourselves :-D ...a nice soothing green

And, along the way, we discovered many unused muscles, climbing up-down the ladder, bending, squatting, moving furniture etc, etc …haha… slept like babies that night but got up to backache, thigh-ache, arm-ache… no longer as young as we thought we were ….erhm… many years ago when we painted all the rooms and kitchen ourselves before we moved in.

And, we are still recovering from this experience… :-D

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kitchen flavours Sep 14, 2011, 12:04:00 AM  

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, Rita!
That's a lovely shade of colour. Painting house reminds me too of when we first move in to our present house. Due to limited budget, my hubby and I, painted the house ourselves. I visited the doctor after that and was confined for three days at home due to backache, unable to move. It was really painful, and promised ourselves after that, it would be the last time we would paint the house ourselves! Hahaha! Fifteen years later, we got the painters to paint the whole house. :)

Rita Sep 15, 2011, 10:30:00 PM  

@kitchen flavours

Thank you. Painting is fun when we're young...hehe, the next repainting, like you, will be done by painters too :-D

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