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A long absence...

>> May 20, 2011

I took a leave of absence for a few months if you have noticed. 

I have just recently got back to blogging. I have stayed away from blogging, taking a break to put things into a better perspective. Actually, I found blogging a hazard…as one blogger described it. I couldn’t agree more with her.

Please don’t get me wrong… I love blogging and the net-friends around the world are just wonderful! They are supportive, encouraging, some inspirational…some are kind as to share tips.

I realized that I wasn’t spending enough quality time with my family. While my little guy is growing up, I also needed to understand him and his developments…sigh!...and it won’t be long before he becomes a teenager. I think I have also neglected my widow Mom… L

Perhaps some of you may share the same thots, nevertheless, I’d like to thank my friends as well as net-friends from the blogging circles and my readers for being here with me.

I’m still learning about time management, kitchen messing, food…as well as parenting and a zillion other things. I’ll post as and when I can… my apologies if I’ve not been able to visit your blogs as often I wish. There’s so many stuff from your blogs that I wanna try and many more in my recipe books that has my hands itching to try…if only time permits…

Here’s something for you for being so wonderful,

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