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Chinese New Year 2010

>> Feb 16, 2010

We are into the 3rd day of Chinese New Year…and we are still eating-eating-eating. Hahaha! Don’t you just love Chinese New Year? We do!

As usual, I’m always in a rush. And, as usual I’m short on time, preparing for CNY and having fun. I have managed to get some nice pictures to share with you. Largely on food, of course! J Please do excuse the picture quality, as the photographer was too busy, the fill-in photographers may not know exactly what is wanted J.

This year made history…hehehe…we hosted the Annual Family Reunion Dinner which is normally prepared by my mother-in-law (MIL) in their own family home. As MIL has not been well, I offered to cook this year’s Dinner. A true challenge considering my level of expertise, but I took on the task with much gusto, preparing the menu 2 weeks ahead. Getting the stuff and raw ingredients…and beautify myself (I forgot to put on lipstick and varnish my toe-nails!...eeeeeekkk)…to feed 18 (including kids).

We had Sushi Platter in place of the normal CNY Lou Sang (Yusheng). So thoughtful of my brother-in-law to get this ‘Take-Away’ to be included as Starter. Something different!

What I cooked and made, ... an 8-course dinner...including a cold dessert. (Unbelievable!)
Oyster “Fatt-choy” with Chinese Cabbage Soup. I think everybody likes this very much. Warm and brings good meaning. Oyster, means good things and Black Moss (a type of black hair-like algae) which means “getting rich” J.

The soup was finished before the photographer remembered to take some nice pictures.

BBQ Pork or Char Siu. Pork belly marinated 2 days ahead, grilled in the oven…sweet and finger-licking good!

Bacon Roll, this is a Western and Asian fusion, everybody’s favourite!

Stir-fry Colourful Vege. I love this colourful stir-fry but not all’s favourite! …these guys are probably taking a break from vege! Lol!

 Chicken stew with mushroom. Something for the kids. Goes well with rice.

Fragrant “Laughing” prawns. A must have for all Chinese Reunion Dinner, means HA, “Haha…laughters”.

Steamed Fish. Another must have, which means abundance. I couldn’t get pomfret which was terribly pricey but settled for Golden Snapper.

Pineapple Jelly. A sweet dessert to round up the Dinner which also brings good meaning…welcoming good luck.

Hahaha…Year of Tiger should be a good year…I’ve included so many stuff with good meanings J.

I’ll be posting some of the recipes later on when I get some time to set it out. Thanks for visiting and I hope my friends you have had a wonderful time celebrating CNY with your family and friends. I hope you had a restful weekend too.

Just thinking : As I reflect back, this is a good opportunity to right wrongs, to forgive, to do good deeds, to foster better ties, to catch up on family news, to meet up with old friends. The past year has not been particularly good, with so many acquaintances, family and friends sick, hospitalised, passing on... I will try to do my part and my best.... I'll do better in the kitchen too, family too...ok, garden too! Hahahah, lol!

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Rita Feb 16, 2010, 11:28:00 PM  

CNY is indeed happy feasting! :)

Rita Feb 18, 2010, 1:25:00 PM  

Hi Mei Teng. Gong xi fa cai. Hahaha u r so right! Well, besides the 15 days, there's the special 7th day, 9th day and 15th day...! :-D

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