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>> Jan 24, 2010

It’s the season of mini tangerine, or “Emperor Mandarin”… small, golden orange in color, just like kumquats, 2-3cm in diameter. These sweet, tangy fruits remind me of Chinese New Year and “Kam” (mandarin orange)…

Carton cases of mandarin oranges can be seen stacked in some supermarkets and hypermarkets since Boxing Day. I remember when I was small, mandarin oranges are sold quite close to the actual CNY festival. We’ll bring a bag of 6 or 8 oranges when visiting relatives or friends together with some sweet candies or treats.

I caught a lion dance performance yesterday as I was out for my monthly grocery shopping. 

There’ll be many more around beginning now till the 15th day of CNY, or Chap Goh Mei which is 28 Feb. As this coming Lunar new year is the year of Tiger, it’s Tiger Dance rather than the traditionally Lion Dance. 

The arrival of CNY also signals the arrival of spring though in many countries you’ll still see winter and snow… I’ll start decorating our home as soon as I finish my spring-cleaning. Many Chinese like to decorate their home with flowers during CNY welcoming spring and Chinese also believe that when plants bloom during CNY, the home will be blessed with prosperity throughout the year. Fondly used in many homes and business establishments is the pink plum blossom (in Malaysia, we use plastic ones, :-( unfortunately). Chrysanthemums and orchids are popular here too. The local plant nurseries will enjoy brisk business these few weeks selling flowers and some lucky bamboo, well, lots of plants have been given names bearing good & positive meanings. But I hope my hibiscus will bloom beautifully in this festival.

This year Chinese New Year will fall on 14th February 2010…a double celebration with Valentine’s Day. How nice! 

There’s less than 3 weeks. I hope I can have some time to do some baking, cookies, cakes and stuff besides spring-cleaning.

As this is my first CNY since I started blogging, perhaps giving me an opportunity to share some cookies recipes with you very soon.

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