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Herbs Tonic for Women

>> Apr 14, 2010

It’s that time of the month again! My Mom insisted that we, young girls including herself need herbal tonic after menstruation is over, ie to nourish qi and blood and helps to regulates menses after the loss of blood and to help keep our womb ‘warm’.

My Mom and my Grandma are firm believers of Chinese herbs with its healing properties and I try to do the same now. I still remember their advice and hope to pass on the message to my women friends. My Grandma promised that these herbs if consumed regularly every month will keep women looking young and energetic with healthy complexion, skin and rosy-cheeks always…hmmm…anti-aging secrets! J

My Grandma probably hoped her words will have the desired motivation…’cos I’m consuming these bitter herbal tonic drink voluntarily… hehehe!

I’ve boiled this herbs for 5 hours using my slow cooker, with 1 pre-packed packet of “8-chen” 八珍(8 type of herbs) (of which Angelica Dang gui root is the primary ingredient) and 3 bowls of water (about 750ml).

It is best consumed at night just before retiring for the day. I’ll get 1 bowl and slightly more of the herbal tonic after boiling for 5 hours, which is thick and black with strong ‘dang-gui’ or ‘tang-kwei’ aroma.

Some info. on health benefits of dang-gui or tang-kwei.
Chinese name: Dang Gui or Tang Kwei
Very highly praised and widely used in the Orient. It is known to be an excellent blood tonic and, though beneficial to men and women alike, is considered to be the ultimate women's tonic herb.  Angelica root nourishes and regulates blood and therefore assists women with their menstrual cycle. 
Meridians: Liver, Heart, Spleen & Kidney
Flavor & Energy: sweet, pungent and warm energy
Actions: To replenish blood, to invigorate blood and stop pain, to moisten the intestines.

Hehehe…wishing you all youthful looks! J

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