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Orange red hibiscus

>> Nov 17, 2009

Yay, I’m so happy… you can see me grinning from ear to ear on Saturday morning…

Finally, my hibiscus bloomed after months and months of waiting. It’s a large orange-red double of approximately 12cm in diameter and this morning I saw another bloom at 14.5cm in diameter. The petals with generous frills reminds me of a passionate Spanish Flamenco dancer with the beautiful ruffles on her dress as she moved to the rhythms of the acoustic guitar.

The colour is an attractive bright orange-red shade. I could have sat there, enjoyed my breakfast coffee and stare at it the whole morning… it’s just so beautiful!

I accidentally shove the first bloom which was probably too fragile after a night of rain. The stem just snapped  and it dropped to the ground...and I was almost heart-broken but I did try to preserve it....:-(

I cannot begin to explain this unexplained passion for hibiscus…. ?? J ??

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