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Take time to smell the flowers...

>> Nov 9, 2009

I’m thankful I still have a small patch of green. When we renovated our house a few years ago there was a choice to tile the whole place or down-size the small garden. We’re glad we chose the latter. It’s small but I feel closer to nature each time I get to spend some minutes there.

A garden requires lots of work, we need to tend to them, get some weeding done, add some new colorful blooms… ah, and I have small water garden feature. The sound of water in the early hours of the morning or late evening when all is quiet except for the splashing of water as it fall from a small jug 2 feet high above the small water tank, is just what we needed.

I have a small pot of desert rose, a hibiscus and a small pot of golden pothos to liven up the earthen jug & tank. 2 pots of bamboo with its rustling leaves in the evening breeze, provided the music to the accompaniment of water feature. I try to relax after a hectic day with a glass of chilled apple juice, unwind for a few minutes before retiring for the day...

Have you taken the time to ponder on your busy life, have you spent some time with your elderly folks, have you spent some quality bonding time with your little ones (there’s always school-work, school activities, extra-curricular classes & classes… but when was the last time you chatted with the little fella about his friends, his likes? Very soon, they’ll leave the nest before you realize), have your picked up phone lately to call your friends (I know, I know… we have emails, skype, social networking sites… why bother to call? Right?)… Sometimes, we are so busy and so involved with our life, our career, ourselves… we have neglected a lot.

So, take time to smell the flowers, feel the rain, hear the wind…

Have a good week ahead.

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