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“When I was small and the Christmas trees were tall…”

>> Nov 6, 2009

I watched Jacky Cheung, HK's Superstar 2005 Live Performance DVD late last night for the umpsteen times and he sang “When I was small and the Christmas trees were tall…” from 1969 Bee Gee’s First of May. Oh, it’s so beautifully sung.

Yes, another reminder Christmas will be here soon. J

I gotta dig out the Christmas tree from the storeroom together with some decors and maybe if I have some time, shop for some new ones to add on. Then I gotta to make out a shopping list. Then I gotta check against last year’s list… I don’t want to get the same stuff again this year!

Choosing a Christmas gift, here’s usually what I do,

1.      Sometimes, I buy them at bargain sale time which can be some months before Christmas but not this year. I’ve been so busy… I’ve been blogging! Hahaha. But it depends on your luck. You just might get something you have been eyeing for sometime at a very good price. That’ll be some savings in $$$. Then, hide it till Christmas… just don’t forget where you hid it, that’s all!
2.      I hand-make some stuff personally which gives it a very personal touch. It can be a jewellery box, a picture frame, a knitted scarf, artificial flower arrangement, a dress/blouse…
3.      Bake a batch of cookies which you think they will like. Or something from your very own kitchen, you efforts will not be dismissed, in fact, most appreciated if the recipients are foodies. These are perfect especially for your neighbours. Or a cake, beautifully decorated with Christmas theme.
4.      When it comes to getting toys for children, I’m pretty careful. First, must be suitable for the age, no too-small bits in case there might be babies at home (eg: Lego blocks), non-toxic materials in toys if the wooden blocks are painted or non-toxic colour pencils or crayons. Educational toys preferred, and suitable for sharing with siblings and also suitable for passing on to younger siblings later on.

5.       Gift for HIM – mmmmm… there’s after-shave, toiletries, fragrances, menswear, necktie, leather belt, cuff-links, DVDs or music CDs, fishing rod, roller-skates (I got a pair or roller-blades for hubby a few years ago), watch, a bottle of whisky/wine, pen set, digital camera or camera lens he has been eyeing, leather wallet or bill-fold, a good book on photography or hobbies-related, a photo album (I did that once, compiling all my hubby’s favourite photos), concert-tickets, golf club… I know it sounds endless but it takes time to get it right. It should be something HE has been eyeing, longing to get, needed and perhaps can use for sometime.
6.      Gift for HER – Hehehe, now that is pretty tough! A bottle of her favourite fragrance will be nice, a spa treatment voucher (that would be a lovely treat to pamper her, or me), a new car (I wonder if Hubby is reading my blog), toiletries (a bar of scented soap, bath foam), a crystal bracelet, a nice handbag, a book (got a cookbook once, many year ago… that got me thinking if my cooking was that bad!... hehehe… then, a book on Yoga – message? I need exercise?), limited edition DVD, costume jewelry or jewelry (now, that is not easy for Men to get for HER), a new kitchen mixer (pleazzzze, hope Hubby is reading the blog) or a new kitchen gadget, a bottle of Benedictine DOM, a dress/scarf, iPhone, a holiday trip (that would be most lovely & needed), a dress watch, lingerie, swimsuit …
7.      I give every gift lots of thots – like will it be useful, will he/she like it, was it hinted, is the colour right, is the size right, is it too luxurious or otherwise (I don’t like to go overboard). I always focus on whether they will like the present and find any use for it.
8.      I have one box of ribbons in various width, material and colours to coordinate with the wrappers chosen. I love wrapping presents. It’s so fun.
9.      There are some plain colour rolls of wrappers which are suitable for all occasions, like gold or silver or pink or blue or green or striking red. Just co-ordinate with a colourful matching ribbon for the perfect wrapped gift.

I just realized I was making out my very own Christmas Wish-List… Hehehe.

I’ll have more ideas on Christmas presents in the next posting.

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