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>> Dec 7, 2009

Every year, starting December, we’ll do the rounds of the shopping malls to catch the festive spirits, take a couple of pictures, meet some Santas and Santarinas and of course, shopping. J

Here are some pictures,

The Gardens @Mid-Valley

Pretty Santarina & Santa, his beard seems to be growing from his nose :-)

The Carolers @Ikano Power Centre

The seahorse is celebrating too... :-)

The stage set for pictures-taking with Santa @Sunway Pyramid

Near the ice-skating rink @Sunway Pyramid

Indoor Funpark Ride (yet to be completed) @Sunway Pyramid

Uncle Clown entertaining some kids

I just couldn't resist taking a pic of this cute dragon dressed as Santa, the mascot of BBQ Plaza @Sunway Pyramid

Sunway Pyramid

One of the Best Shopping Centres in Klang Valley with Pyramid, Sphinx and Mid-Eastern decor

We had an enjoyable weekend despite only managing to get a book this time as we were so busy catching the carolers, the clown and taking pictures.

This book, I Love Butter Cake by Kevin Chai was a sold out for some time and finally I found it at Popular Bookstore in Sunway Pyramid. It seems it’s the 4th re-print. Thanks to the recommendation of my friend, J, who gave the thumbs up after having tried a few unqiue butter cake recipes of Kevin Chai. I’m going to try a few of those recipes… Now, this book is my Christmas present to myself J.

With Christmas drawing near, shopping malls have become livelier and nosier with beautiful decorations, and huge glittering Christmas trees. As it’s the year-end school term break for most kids, it’s so nice to see many families making the most to have fun with their kids, enjoying the festives spirit. We could see some toddlers demanding to walk independently, some sleeping angels in baby strollers, some Daddy chasing after toddlers, whining kids demand purchase of toys are familiar sights... (Smile J)

When I needed to do real serious shopping, I’d rather not take the little one along. It is difficult to expect these little kids to have the patience as their Mama choose, inspect, compare and decide J. I've gotta to sneak off...

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