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Brain Teasers 1-4

>> Sep 3, 2009

Whenever I go shopping, I would make it a point to drop by the bookstore looking for books for Max.

I bought these BRAIN TEASERS that comes in a series of 4. 

These comes under the heading, "NEED TO HAVE" to distract Max, as well as for his development. They are just perfect for inculcating problem-solving skills, observations, logics, and patience and teaching spelling. They are good indoor family fun activities. There are crossword puzzles, mazes, spot the differences, find hidden objects and the colored pages keep children interested.

The books are also handy for 'in-between homework' treats, when kids sometimes have many to get thru'  for the day. Max loves these and will request to do 3 pages. But we'll usually end up finishing 6 pages.

Last week, we finished 1 book during the school term break...useful for rainy days, literally, I mean. We were house bound and with the nasty Flu A (H1N1) scare, we were avoiding crowds except for a brief trip to the bookstore.

These series are suitable for kids aged 5-8 and are available at Popular Bookstore, priced at RM14.50 each. They are published by Learners Publishing Pte Ltd (Singapore) under licensed from Boyds Mills Press (US).

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