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Philips Blender Model HR2061

>> Sep 4, 2009

Here’s what I think of the Philips Blender HR2061.

Launched in July-2008, I bought this blender for RM120 (RRP RM169) during the recent Father’s Day-Mother’s Day promotion from a new outlet opening in USJ Taipan (Subang). Would prefer the HR2068 with a removable filter to filter out fiber, pips or seeds,(was planning to try making own soy-milk drink one day) but they were out of stock. I couldn’t wait as I was in the mood for fresh fruit smoothies!

I quite like the simple yet stylish design and orange accent colour, it goes well with my kitchen! Alright, more than that actually, it’s quite powerful, equipped with a 600-watt motor, 5-speed selection knob and an ice-crushing button. I cut the fruits to 3cm size and it takes only seconds to get delicious slushy smoothies. 

The 2-litre jar is large enough to comfortably blend fruits and liquid for 3 large glasses of your favorite fruit drinks or perhaps 5 cups. Make sure you place the cover tightly or the liquid may splash out. I noticed that if the jar is not properly locked in place, the blending function will not work even if you turn the knob, a good safety feature.

Once the cover is in place, there is still a small opening at the cover for you to add liquid or other small ingredients by removing the small little cap. You can use the cap to measure liquid up to 50ml.

The blade can be removed from the jar for ease of cleaning. Using a small brush you can clean the blade free of any fiber that may have stuck there. I always make sure I dry the jar, blade and cover well after washing. But, I notice a spot of rust on the stainless-steel blade. I’d better get to the Service Centre to get it replaced.

It will be useful if the manufacturer can provide a long plastic spatula, which can be used to stir ensuring all well-blended or to help scrape the slush. I noticed some makers provide this, maybe a point for consideration by Philips.

One plus point is having the ice-crushing function gives me confidence to continue making fruit-smoothies and ice-blended beverages without fear of damaging the blade. Now, I can enjoy ice-blended coffee at any time. So, I guess I won’t need to go to Starbucks for the ice-blended beverage fix! :-)

Check out later for the smoothies and ice-blended beverages recipes.

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