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Cincau jelly in soy bean milk drink

>> Sep 19, 2009

This is a very common drink in Malaysia.

In the holy month of Ramadhan, that’s when Muslims here break fast, a glass of chilled soy bean milk with grass jelly added or cincau syrup drink is much welcome at the end of a day, after a day of fasting. The cincau (grass jelly) that is black in colour is served in many restaurants and food-stalls in ABC (air batu campur, ais kacang or ice kacang or shaved ice served with red beans, syrup, milk, corn and cincau), cendol or cincau drink.

You may find these pre-packed cincau in mini-markets or hypermarkets, they are normally placed next to Japanese tofu and tofu cold section. Some of these cincau blocks come in unsweetened or sweetened with flavors like lychee.

You can make your own cincau drink too. I just bought a packet (6cm x 12cm block)of unsweetened cincau from the local mini-market here this morning, costing RM1.00 for a 200gm packet. Using a sharp knife, I cut into very small bits and keep them chilled in the fridge.

Fill a glass with chilled soy bean milk (2/3 full) and spoon 2-3 tsp of cincau. Give it a stir and serve chilled, with a long coloured spoon and straw, if you like. 

Perfect "cool down" for a very hot afternoon. I had one this afternoon. :-)

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