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Fluttering wings...on Lanatana Camara

>> Oct 7, 2009

I caught a beautiful butterfly as it landed on my Lantana Camara this morning. These flowers are so attractive and cheerful looking, with their strong smell beckons seductively to the insects.

One elderly lady neighbour stopped and had a short chat as I was taking a good shot of the butterfly, ..."Good morning, gorgeous flowers!" and what a beautiful morning it was.

I was never interested in flowers or gardening, except for bunches of roses during...er... courtship, birthdays, engagements and weddings. Alright, I admit that I used to spot boyish hair when I was a teenager, active in school sports and being more comfortable in a pair of tattered jeans and shorts rather than a pretty princess dress. Somehow, having my own home, my own garden...green patch actually, changed me. I started with a few pots of green and later added some flowers.

Working in the city is hectic, not to mention the horrendous traffic. We had to leave home just before sun up and only get home by 10pm daily, after dinner. We have kept the home decor to simplicity and cluttered free for ease of maintenance. And having a well-kept garden with plenty of greens and flowers made a warmer home, which means more gardening activities during the weekend.

Many may agree that gardening is very therapeutic and a very relaxing activity, as close to nature as one can get living in a suburb. Dealing with greens is good for the lungs, relaxing for the eyes and soothing for the soul.

I promised myself to give a few minutes each weekend to my garden and I will be rewarded with smiles from my garden.

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