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H1N1 scare!

>> Oct 27, 2009

H1N1 – Is it safe to go shopping? Is it safe to go to the cinema? Is it safe to take a flight?

There’s been reports in the media of the H1N1-related symptoms, infections, deaths, warnings and preventions. But in the last few weeks no deaths were reported. Is it contained? Or, too wide-spread to be reported???

My little Max has flu-like illness a couple months ago. He had 2 days of high fever, stuffy nose, breathing difficulties, ear pain, restless and was very irritable. His irritability almost drove me up the wall.

I took him to the hospital as I wasn’t taking any chances. Do I sound like I was panicking? Ok-ok I was, perfectly normal for parents to panic and worry their head off. Sigh! Now, you know why parents get preemies (premature) white-hair. I’m no doctor but he’ll be in safer hands with the experts. I must say I was quite happy with the way Sime Darby Medical Centre (formerly Subang Jaya Medical Centre) handled the situation. There were many perhaps 50 patients at the A&E… many additional chairs were placed in the waiting area but weren’t enough. As I carried Max in, I quickly registered at the counter and informed the nurse of the symptoms. She showed me into a consultation room and took his temperature as well as measure his oxygen in-take (some tubes and wire here-there) and asked some pertinent questions.

Once she has consulted the Doctor and was satisfied that Max was not in danger, we were shown the waiting area… breathing a sigh of relief, I looked around… take your pick… 50 people… just find the chair furthest away! As I waiting… waiting… I realized we were in even greater danger of exposure to the H1N1 virus – hospitals are danger zone! Eeekkk….too late! :-(

Anyway, we had to wait about 2.5 hours before we got to see the Doctor who confirmed that it was only ear infection. We were prescribed antibiotic…now, I’m not too happy about antibiotic for kids but would it affect his hearing in future? Sigh! Ear pain can be very unbearable for kids. Poor Max.

Within 3 days he was up running and jumping again, just like his old self.

Parents go through so much worries, pains and anxieties as they watched their kids grow but it’s also the greatest joy too.

I read Selbon’s "What made you smile today?" and he said his kid just gained an inch taller. I could hear the pride in his words as his son’s taking a step closer to be a man. Maybe some day when my son reads this blog, he’ll remember his close encounter with H1N1.

Despite this ‘cool-down’, we should still maintain vigilance especially where ‘high risks’ people are concerned. Take care.

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